From 31 May to 2 June there is a street fair in our part of town. Carrer Joan Prim is closed off to traffic and the length of the street is filled with stalls dedicated to all things EcologicalImage

Sometimes I wonder if my brain is running slowly because of all the new information it is processing but I have to tell you that it was only today that I realised what the name means – ECO is ecologic and GRA is Granollers!

It is organised by some of the shops in the street and the aim is to focus on anything that comes under the umbrella of ‘alternative’.


Image Growing vegetables in a skip

Image Childrens roundabouts made in wood and powered by a man on a bike


I like that the stalls are not all the same. Normally here in Granollers the street fiestas are organised by the Council and they have a corporate feeling.  All the materials used are identical and only the products and the faces are different. But the ECO-GRA has a more creative and chaotic feeling. It is more higgelty-piggelty which of course as a British person, I like.

Last night we had burgers and beer from the ecological food cooperative (vegetarian as well as beef and pork). This afternoon I had mint tea and sweet cakes from the middle eastern tea-room stall and tonight when we go to watch an exhibition of Lindy Hop by Big Potters Swing, I hope to have falafels.Image In London or Penzance the presence of vegetarian or different food wouldn’t seem worth mentioning but here in Granollers it is exciting!

2 thoughts on “ECO GRA 4

  1. Looks fantastic, wish I could be there to join in and discover some of the wonderful food that seems to be available and soak up the atmosphere. I love the look of the Arabic Souk, could just imagine sitting there having a wonderful mint tea and a spicy lamb Tagine and couscous. Bu sadly I’ve been brought back to earth by the presence of my gym clothes landing on the bed! Looks like I’m off for a run…

    1. Oh you lovely person! Welcome to my new blog. Yes I wish you both were here too. Now it is sunny and possible to stroll along the stall in the evening without a coat and hat.

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