Saturday Night at Ecogra 4

It was like having our own party. We only walked a few yards down the road and were right in the centre of the evening attractions. First there was a concert of mantras sung by Carme Nalini

Then about 50 paper lanterns, containing written hopes and dreams, were lit and sent up into the sky in a beautiful formation of light. It was better than fireworks, so peaceful and gentle as they drifted up into the night, following a curvacious air current.

Then it was Swing time. Granollers has recently started its own Swing classes and all of those people who used to have to travel to Barcelona to dance, can now find more and more opportunities right here in town. The group is called Bigpotters – a play on the meaning of the name Gran-ollers. The teachers are Montse Marti and Miquel Arboix and the weekly classes are at Roca Umbert. For more information look at the Facebook page for Bigpotters Swing.


There was a chance for everyone to learn some steps and about 50 people joined in. I’ve been dreaming of this moment ever since I arrived here four years ago. Dancing in the streets of Granollers!  Now all we need is a tango scene!

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