Lazy Sunday at EcoGra

The bad weather of May feels like a distant memory now. It may return if predictions are correct but at least for this weekend it was sunny and hot, the sky was blue and the party on Carrer Joan Prim was a success. At least it seemed so to me but who knows what the takings were for all the stall holders?  Today the street was fairly quiet and calm – for me, walking Bonnie down to the town centre, that was a pleasure, but of course for those who were waiting patiently for customers to arrive with open purses, it was perhaps a different story. Perhaps it is because there are so many festivals here. There’s something on almost every weekend so you could become blase and forget to support them

Carrer Joan Prim EcograI love Sundays and as it was warm and peaceful we  decided to have lunch at the Ecogra and relax at one of the pretty tables set out with lavender pots and tablecloths. We went back to the Falafel stall as it was so good yesterday

Falafel StallSome little boys were taking advantage of the traffic free zone and playing football. A few families were having drinks of beer or coffee. But mainly the people had disappeared – Sunday is family day here in Catalunya and I suppose they were all having big lunches somewhere else.

Music was coming from the loudspeakers that lined the street and today it was smoochy, lazy, jazzy warm Sunday afternoon music. Again I longed for a tango community to come and spent a few hours dancing in the gentle breeze. Maybe next year? We also thought hammocks might be a good idea, to have a migdiada dangling in the middle of the street.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday at EcoGra

  1. Hi I have really enjoyed reading your blog about Granollers as my husband and I were staying there at the time it was great to hear your tips and observations. We have moved now but I still will come into town as I have got to know some of the coffee bar owners. They made me very welcome as I was wondering around on my own phrase book in hand! My husband is working here for 6 months so I have a lot of time on my hands! Thank goodness for the Internet we just had it installed yesterday and I have hardly been off. It’ so great to be able to catch up with the family and friends.

    My Family are from Cornwall so it was nice to hear your from Penzance. They mainly live around Truro now. Also I have had two dogs called Bonney in my life both Golden Retrievers.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Janet

      Great to hear from you and to know that someone new has been reading my blog. It’s been a while since I wrote here because last year we came back to spend a year or two in Cornwall and so I have been away from my inspirational source! But I still do the Facebook Page aboutgranollers which is easier to keep up with as I just put photos on there with a little explanation. so much to see in Granollers and often I found new things just because I was taking photos for the FB page and blog.

      Where are you living now? Have you been to the local balnearis? They are a favourite with me if I have time to go. I wrote a lot about them on my other blog about Catalunya I often wish I could just pop across and go for a bathe in Caldes de Montbui or one of the others….but I can’t be in two places at once.

      How funny about our dogs names – I now have a new dog called Zero. He is also a border collie and we rescued him here but he is originally from Spain!

      Take care and do get in touch if you’d like to. I will be back in Granollers this autumn hopefully to spend some time in the late summer sunshine

      Kate X

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