The Milk Cafe

It’s a nice name and it’s a place I like to go and eat. They have lots of vegetarian options and most important of all they have the only (as far as I know) vegetarian menu for lunchtime in Granollers. It costs 9 euros and has three courses with a drink and pudding. There is a large salad bar and soup for starters, then a choice between three vegetarian main meals, and lastly a pudding which includes the wonderful home made cake with cream!


It has always surprised me that the place is full at lunchtime. Not because of anything to do with the food but because to find so many people eating vegetarian food in Granollers is amazing. Would be interesting one day to ask some of them what they like about the place. I have never been to another restaurant in Granollers which has a vegetarian option for the main course let alone three.

The address is Milk Cafe, Carrer Girona 4, Granollers and they serve lunch from 1-3.30pm. It is also open at other times for drinks and snacks and the menu includes the usual tapas and sandwiches for this area.

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