El Mirallet

We arrived late back from the airport with a friend and looking for somewhere nice to go and have supper we thought of El Mirallet.  It is in the centre of town and has a more lively atmosphere than many of the other restaurants in Granollers which tend to be rather staid.  It was Wednesday and we found it even livelier than expected as it is the night when they have concerts with live music


We sat inside where it was quieter and had a selection of food and some cold beer.  There are vegetarian choices here which is something special in Granollers and as well as the goats cheese salad, there was a vegetable dish whose name I have forgotten but it was delicious


At lunch time they also cater for vegetarians with a fixed price menu as well as all the usual food of the region.

Mirallet was opened in the early 80’s as a cheese and wine bar but several years later it became a cooperative with all the people working there being members.  They expanded and started serving lunches and dinners as well as cafe food.  It is situated next door to the Cambridge School Of English so it often has the sound of English spoken and is generally a popular place to go if you are part of an arty or musical crowd.

It’s always friendly and even when busy they are able to conjure up a smile.

This is one of my main criterion for liking or rejecting a cafe!

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