The Knife Sharpener

There’s a man who sharpens knives in Granollers. He doesn’t have a shop or work from home. He arrives every four weeks on his motorbike and drives up and down the streets touting for business.

How do you know he’s around? 

He has a recording which sounds like a flute and when you hear it you race out to look for him. At first I imagined someone walking around with a real musical instrument, like the Pied Piper, calling us to follow him.  When I went out to look for him, I didn’t find him easily. He wasn’t what I was expecting!

But we caught up with him at the traffic lights near the Hospital and he drove to our back door and set to work. His machinery works from the bike engine and he has all his tools in a box on the back. Such a great idea!ImageImageImage

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