Granollers country file

Until fairly recently Granollers was still very much an agricultural town. There are still many reminders of this past if you look for them.  The industry dominates but the countryside keeps us saneThere is a flock of sheep that sometimes ramble along the sides of the river

I made a film of them which you can see here.

Another reminder is the small field that is still worked down by the river near the car park on Ramon Llull.  Here it is a couple of weeks ago just after someone had dumped their old sofa there. I saw a feral cat using it for a place to sleep. Couldn’t get close enough to her to get a picture.  See the beautiful mountains in the background!

ImageI’m not sure what the crop was but I was watching it grow and last week it was cut and left in neat rows. At the weekend they removed it without baling and today the tractor was turning over the soil

ImageThere are swallows swooping down here, and poppies and wild flowers growing along the edges.  I walk along these paths picking up other peoples rubbish. 

In the distance is a patchwork of vegetable plots which I hope very much will never be taken over to build yet more hideous flats or create yet another messy car park. Please leave this peaceful part of Granollers as it is!  Unless you want to knock down the flats and build little houses with gardens.Image

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