Sara’s butcher shop

I want to write about the shops in Granollers where I have found good service. Remember I am not the typical shopper – I look for friendliness above all and especially that the shop keepers don’t treat me like an alien because I am foreign and stumble over my words.

I don’t want to get into naming and shaming or  describing the negative experiences I’ve had (although perhaps I will be tempted sometimes) so these posts will be mainly about the good places I have found.

Saras butcher is hidden away on a quiet back street on Carrer Tarafa. I only recently started going there since starting to feed my dog a raw meat diet. I am vegetarian but do occasionally buy organic chicken for humans

ImageThe woman who runs the shop – is she Sara? – is very friendly and helpful. She was genuinely interested in finding things like chicken necks and meaty bones that I can give my dog and she even went out on the street to say hello to her.

There is another butcher closer to home who are polite to me but they don’t smile much or chat at all and I always feel nervous and awkward going in there as it is clear they don’t warm to me.  So I now chose Saras every time and am greeted by a cheery ‘ Hola guapa’ which makes the whole experience much more pleasant. A butchers shop is not the favourite haunt of a long time vegetarian so it is saying a lot that I actually almost enjoy going in there.

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