El Jardinet

This is a flower shop on our street at Carrer de Joan Prim, 101. They are very friendly and helpful and I am welcome whether I am spending a few euros or a lot more.


The owners husband is British so she speaks English and she understood when I moaned about the lack of choice in flowers in Catalunya compared to the UK.   For me there are not enough ‘normal’ flowers like roses or anemones or sweet william.  The shops are more used to people buying bouquets for special occasions rather than wanting several cheaper bunches for vases in the house.

However, this shop is my favourite place when I decide to get flowers.

And I really like their idea of having quotations on the blackboard to help you when you need to write a card

Sometimes a flower is worth more than a thousand wordsImage

2 thoughts on “El Jardinet

  1. Wonderful! What amazed me the first time I went to by a bouquet from a flower shop in Figueres, was that they kept most of them out of sight in a refridgerated room, so you had to ask. Makes sense for preservation in the shop, but acclimatising to the normal summer temperatures must be a bit of a shock!

    I usually use the stalls at Figueres market – it’s finding scented flowers that I find the most difficult.

    1. Yes the market is good here too but I don’t always have enough room in my trolley on market day. It is such a disappointment when roses don’t smell! I know yours do and also some I tried when we went to MOntseny for Bonnie’s birthday walk. But in the shops – hardly ever. And actually it spoils Sant Jordi for me as none of the roses have scent.

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