Wherever I live I am always drawn to the health food shops and Granollers is lucky to have several, the biggest of which is Veritas.

It’s actually a chain of supermarkets, started in 2002, and now there are 23 shops in Catalunya.  Veritas was founded by 4 Catalan families with the aim of providing healthy, more ecological and non chemical food. In the UK health shops don’t tend to sell meat, but this is normal here and Veritas has an ecological range of meat products in the chiller section.  Organic meat is expensive in Catalunya  but it’s good to know there is a market for it even though the main supermarkets haven’t taken this on board.

This branch is very friendly and you can have a coffee and cake in their little cafe which is rather basic but ok and has tables by the window. I think a notice board would be a useful addition but that is also not so common as in the UK.

It’s not a cheap option to buy things in Veritas but in general prices are high for vegetarian or ecological products all over Catalunya and here they have a wide range.

ImageI took this picture because of the Bimbo van. The name always makes me laugh but of course it doesn’t mean the same in Catalan. Bimbo has been producing sliced packaged bread since 1964 from their factory here in Granollers. Before Bimbo this type of convenience loaf didn’t exist in Catalunya or Spain.

2 thoughts on “Veritas

  1. Bimbo is a Mexican company and their bread sold in Spain is like saw dust. Poor quality low nutrition and expensive. I recommend that any one who is interested in healthy food avoids this brand.

    1. Hi Michael Thanks for writing in and I totally agree with you that this bread has no nutritional value whatsoever. But it seems to be a favourite with children and teenagers in spite of the wonderful real bread that is available here. I hope I didn’t give the impression I was linking Bimbo with health food – actually it was the strange juxtoposition that drew my eye. Thanks for your comment – it led me to read up a little about the Bimbo company and it’s Mexican roots. Kate

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