the town centre changes

I took this photo when I first visited Granollers in 2009

ImageThe whole city centre was in a state of chaos with streets being closed for building works. We used to cycle everywhere so were accustomed to finding ways through the pot holes and piles of bricks. I now realise that this marked the end of a major transformation of Granollers town centre. The main artery road through the town – leading from Barcelona to Vic – was being pedestrianised. What is now a long wide avenue with shops on either side and bars and restaurants and absolutely no cars, before was a normal two way street. You could drive right into the Porxada Plaça which is unthinkable today with all the cafe tables splayed out across the square and children freely playing football and running around in safety. Where was there room for cars?

And here are the works in Maluquer and Salvador Square outside the library at the same period in 2009.  That’s where the chickens are on market day. I don’t know where they went then.

Maluquer i Salvador Now we have road works blocking parts of Carrer Girona, a road that lies parallel to the main street. The pavements are being widened and perhaps that too will be unrecognisable in a few years.

One thought on “the town centre changes

  1. Hi Kate,
    Great blog. I’m really enjoying reading about your every day experiences in Granollers. I have a huge soft spot for the few places in Spain I have visited. I hope Bonnie is doing okay?

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