Where can I eat vegetarian food in Granollers?

This question is always on my mind and I know I am not alone. Strangers have contacted me to ask what places I would recommend if they want to eat more than just a potato omelette and a salad. The truth is that vegetarians are not well provided for outside of the big cities and Granollers may be called a city but for most purposes it is better to think of it as a small country town.

However it is slowly getting better

Come here for their vegetarian lunchtime menu!

The Milk Cafe on Carrer Girona is a unique example of a place in Granollers where not only can you eat vegetarian food but it actually specialises in it at lunch time. they have a menu for less than 10 euros which is totally meat and fish free.

I went in last week to see if it still is as good as last year and I had a lovely meal, sitting comfortably alone reading my kindle, surrounded by other people who if not actual vegetarians were obviously happy to eat something different.  You start with soup and chose as much as you want from the salad bar. If I have a niggle it is that the salads could be more adventurous but really I am not complaining as I am so grateful that it exists at all!


Then I had the lasagne which was delicious. I asked for something to spice it up a little and they happily gave me a bowl of hot sauce. People here are generally frightened of hot and spicy food so I can’t critisize that the food is generally blander than I like.


When I arrived at 1.15 the place was quiet but half an hour later every table was full.


I did have pudding, of course.  A chocolate mousse which I ate before even thinking about taking a photograph!  You will have to imagine it – or even better, go along and have lunch in the Milk Cafe.

More Vegetarian Food in Granollers

Thanks to my friend Tiffany we have a new place to eat in Granolllers. 

It is Japanese and is called Teriyaki. It is a bit hidden away and doesn’t look like anything special from the outside but when you go in it is like Dr Who’s tardis – stretching upstairs, downstairs and out to the back.

ImageThere are lots of things on the menu for vegetarians

Noodles, seaweed, tofu, vegetable tempura.

The first time we went I was too busy eating to get any photos of the food so, we just had to go back again the following week and do it all again!

The lunch menu is 9.50 euros and is a buffet style meal – you just keep ordering until you are full. Drinks are not included so beware of the surprise extras on your bill for wine or water. 

I totally recommend the potato cakes which sound boring but having Irish blood  I can never resist a potato dish and when they arrived they were too delicious to share so we had to order more for the others!ImageTeriyaki

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