Memories of Past Splendour

It is a dull grey morning in Granollers and after a mild winter and a few sunny months it is a shock to return to winter.

There is a north wind from the mountains and the tables outside cafes are deserted except for determined smokers.

I always look up now.  Many of the buildings are boring at street level but one floor up there is a feast of detail.

The building at the beginning of the pedestrian street is called  Casa Miquel Blanxart i Estapé and is one example of early 20th C modernism in Granollers.

Today looking up I saw clearly the silhouettes of three women on the front walls. Their arms are outstretched and it looks like they have birds sitting on their hands.

Casa Miquel Blanxart i Estapé

Are they always visible or was it a trick of the light on this damp dull day?  It looks like there were originally sculptures there or were they designs painted directly on the walls?  I don’t know but it was interesting to see how they had left their imprint.Image

5 thoughts on “Memories of Past Splendour

  1. Hi Kate, I wasn’t sure if you saw my reply to you when you last visited my blog. I was so grateful for your comments I thought I’d make sure you saw my reply below:
    Dear Kate,
    Thank you so much for your kind comments and words of support. I am so sorry to hear about Bonnie, I have no doubt from reading your accounts of your experiences with her illness that you gave her a huge amount of love and support, which I am sure helped her immensely. During the first floods in january I suspected Bracken was relapsing but there was little we could do about it. Instead I began to think about you and Bonnie and wondered if I should pursue a more controlled and palliative approach this time to Brackens disease. However, as the flooding began to re-threaten, I decided to fight back in more ways than one.Of course Bracken’s Oncologist fully supports re-treating him otherwise we wouldn’t be going down this route but I remain realistic as to what we can expect. Whilst he appears to be responding well to his first four week cycle of CHOP, I appreciate your offer of some Artemesinin and will bear it in mind, thank you.

    I’ve been intending to write to you anyway following a post where you taught me something that I know Bracken has appreciated in recent weeks. You mentioned stroking Bonnie’s face in short light strokes to remind her of her Mum. I have have done this many times since then for Bracken and have no doubt he loves it. Thank you!

    Please stay strong and I wish you all the very best. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. It means a lot to me, I have plenty more to tell and will be inspired knowing you may be reading it.
    Take care

    1. Dear Bruce

      thank you so much – that means a lot to me. I don’t remember now if I wrote back to you already – it has been such an intense time. I did read your message before and now again here which makes it doubly nice! I do hope things are going well with Bracken. I will take a look tomorrow to see if you have written anything in your blog. I have to admit it has taken me a while after Bonnie’s death to get back to writing as I was before. But now I have started.
      In case I didn’t mention it before – have you heard of Immunity4Pets? It is a well researched supplement which can be used alongside chemotherapy and helps the immune system identify cancer cells as well as doing lots of other helpful things. There is a lot of writing on it! It is available in the UK and if you want to try – which I recommend hugely! – I can send you the contact number of the distributor.
      All the best Kate

      1. Hi Kate, sorry for duplicating the message. I just wanted to make sure you got it.

        Please send me the details of suppliers of immunity4pets. Now Bracken has relapsed, anything is worth considering. He’s doing well on his chemo again. Once I’ve got the flood blogs out of my system, I will be posting some more updates on his progress. Time hopefully is a good healer for you WRT Bonnie. Warm wishes, Bruce

      2. Dear Bruce

        A quick reply as I am making lunch. Here is a web site with more information
        It is written by the woman who runs the yahoo group which is

        In the yahoo group there are files with research and info etc.

        I ordered it from the UK from Simon Lazarus here
        He is very helpful and sent it within days to me in Spain. Bonnie loved it and I am sure it helped her.

        Hope this helps. So sorry about your recent inundation – I can’t imagine how terrible this time has been for you all.

        Love to Bracken


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