Palm Sunday Granollers

It’s almost Easter.  In Britain this would mean eggs and bunnies and chocolate and Spring. 

But signs of Easter start in Granollers with the appearance of stalls selling yellow decorations made from dried palm leaves. They are treated in some mysterious way to make them more yellow and then woven into shapes.  They are called palmons and palmes – the long ones are palmons and the smaller woven ones are palmes


Boys get the long ones and girls the woven intricate ones


They are hung out on the balconies, to protect the house and for good luck as part of a Christian ceremony to show you are part of the ancient tribe who welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem.  On the Sunday before Easter, the palmons and palmes are carried by the children to church and afterwards the families meet up in the streets to take photos.

Because we have come away to Menorca, yet again I have missed this part of the ceremony but I did see the stalls selling the palms in Granollers market on the Thursday before. We have photographs of the family in the 1960’s posing in Jacint Verdaguer square with three beautifully turned out children wearing dresses and suits, the boys with sleeked back hair and angelic faces, holding their palms.

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