I live in a town called Granollers. It is about 30 km from Barcelona, close to a mountain range called Montseny and about a half hours drive from the sea. A few years ago I had never heard of this place and neither had my friends or family.  I sort of ended up here rather than chosing it as the home of my dreams. Many other people have said the same. Granollers is the sort of place that the residents love to hate.

There are many things I don’t like very much and yet there is something fascinating about the place. It is not very pretty but it has its own beauty. When you stand up on the hill by the tower and look down on the valley of the river Congost, with Granollers sprawling alongside it, you see how a small market town grew in size and importance while retaining it’s own character and it’s own identity as more of a village than the city that it now is.

Look for information about Granollers and you won’t find much more than that it is a market town, well placed for trading with excellent communications by road and rail in all directions. It has an old market hall in the centre called the Porxada and a few interesting Modernist buildings as well as the Renaissance architecture of the Ajuntament or Council Offices. It was once a centre for textiles and several of these old factories have recently been converted into art centres.  It celebrates it’s Festa Major in late August.

I want to expand on this description and tell a few stories from this ordinary market town.  I am a newcomer here, an outsider along with the hundreds of others who have ended up here. There is a strongly rooted Catalan population and also a new and growing group of immigrants and the mix of old and new is a good indicator of a thriving and evolving community. I hope you will enjoy reading about Granollers, as experienced by a British woman with a loving but critical eye.

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  1. Hello British-woman-living-in-Granollers. Nice blog. We are an English family living in La Garriga. My wife and I are Lindy Hoppers (I stumbled across your blog as I was trying to work out why the Granollers swing association had decided to call itself “The Bigpotters”. Now I know). Anyway, if you ever make it to La Garriga (on a Sunday or any other day) drop us a line and we can show you around.

    1. hi there how wonderful to get your message. i think you are the first to find the blog from a search so that too is good for me. i just started this granollers site and hope to write more about swing soon. we go to the classes here and i am sure will come over to la garriga sometime to dance. will get in touch. my name is kate by the way and my partner is pep. look forward to meeting up one day. K

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